Sonntag, 17. September 2017

Gifted Gorgeousness SAL - September

Same procedure as every month - it's GGSAL time and I am two days late for it :D I planned to post this update on Saturday, so I would only have been one day late, but I was just so busy yesterday. You know summer is nearly over and all my lovely flowers in the garden are looking a bit dull by now, so I decided to pick up some autumn flowers and so I spent a lot of time in the garden yesterday.
Anyway, a late update is still better than no update and I actually do have a bit to show this month! This wonderful SAL is hosted by Jo and you can find the link-up here.

As for my progress, the first thing I have to share is bad news. I wanted to pick up In the Moonlight and work on it for a few days, but I noticed, that I made a mistake - the fabric orientation is wrong... I can't believe that I didn't notice this when I started! Now the fabric is actually to short =/ I am happy that I am "just" 3500 stitches in, but it still put me down. I already cut a new piece of fabric because I definitely want to restart this. But I just couldn't push myself to do this right now.

Sine I was super determined to stitch one of my Wolf designs and In the Moonlight was out, I decided to take out my Wolf Kiss and I made some nice progress on this - the needle just flew through this =)
I went from here:
To here:
The second wolf now has an eye and I also decided to add the back stitching to both eyes and I think it looks lovely =)

The second project I want to share is my Map of Middle Earth. I was aiming for a page finish, but there are still 800 stitches left on page 5, But I will definitely have them done by next month. I am at 38 000 stitches now - so I am past the halfway point on my first row of pages!
I went from here:
To here:
I added 6 000 stitches this year and I really hope to add a few more (at least 4 000).

The last one I have to show - as every month - is Candy Cane Santa.
I went from here:
To here:
Santa is getting a hand! Yay! But actually, it makes Santa look even more creepy... :D Perhaps it will get better once he has that candy cane :D

Ok that's it for this month, I am off to stitch now =)

Donnerstag, 31. August 2017

WIPocalypse - August

As usual - I am larte for my WIPocalypse update, but at least it is still in August!
Unfortunately, I don't have a lot to show this time, I was just so busy with work and most evenings I was really done and did not spent to much time stitching. This actually fits this months question:

How do you get yourself out of a stitching drought?
Ah well, I just wait. I think, as there are days, where I can't put my needle down, there must be days where I don't want to pick it up at all. I try my best not to push myself when it comes to stitching. Sometimes I read an amazing book, so when I pick up my needle I am thinking like "ah well, I'd rather be reading" and then I just put the needle down and read a bit. 
The only big crisis I had was when I had a terrible break up a few years ago and I didn't feel like doing anything at all. After a few days of just doing nothing and being miserable (you know those "everything reminds me of him"-thoughts?) I just decided to try and start something completely new, a new pattern and a new start free from any memories and that actually did the trick. 

If you want to read how other people manage their stitching droughts or take a look at their progress for last month, you can find the link-up here.

As for this months progress, as I said, it is not to much. The first thing I want to show you is my new start, which is also my first Gecko Rouge project! It is called "Sloth" by Eya Claire Floyd. It is rather small with 134x178, so a total of 23 852 stitches. I am working this on 18ct Aida, 2 over 1 full cross.
So far, I did some 2 400 so far and it looks pretty awesome! I can't wait to get back to this one!
Here is what I have so far:
And as a reminder, here is what it is supposed to look like:
It may not look like it, but there was a lot of confetti in the actual sloth, so it took a while to stitch. I am stitching 89 stitches high, which is half of the total height, and hope to get the first quarter done this year. 

The second project I worked on was my Cliff Side Beacon by Dimensions. I took this one on vacation with me, so it got a bit of love. I am now done with the sky now, finally!
I went form here:
To here:
Not much, but every stitch counts, right? I am on a conference next week and I think I will take this one with me, so I will hopefully get some more done for next month.

Another tiny progress I have to show is on my Mill Hill kit called Hydrangeas. I added a few stitches and went from here:
To here:

Last but not least, I currently have my Kreimhilds Revenge on my frame. I only added some 800 stitches, but I plan to continue on her for a few more days and columns.
I went from here:
To here:
Ok, I think that's it for this month. I worked on various things, but I didn't get much done on any of them, so it doesn't really feel like progress. 

Ok, I will get some stitching done now!
Happy stitching =)

Freitag, 18. August 2017

Gifted Gorgeousness - August

Oh my, it's already the middle of August! The last week at work was super busy, so I am a bit late for the GG SAL and I don't have so much to show, but every stitch counts - right? Anyway, here I am! I am going on holiday tomorrow, so I will keep this short.

The SAL is hosted by Jo and you can find the link-up for this month here.

So I worked on two projects this month.
The first is my Candy Cane Santa Stocking. I am getting there!
I went from here:
And now:
I worked a bit on the green in the background and started his hand.

The second project I worked on is my Map of Middle Earth - I only added 500 stitches this month, but hope to show a page finish next time (only about 2000 stitches to go).
Last time:
And now:
Sorry for the bad picture, but it is rainy outside and I had to take this with artificial light.

Ok, that's my progress for this month, I am off to pack my things for my vacation now =)

Happy Stitching =)

Sonntag, 30. Juli 2017

WIPocalypse July

Guess what? I am in time for WIPocalypse, yay me! I can't believe it! If you want to see what everybody else has to show for July, take a look over at Measis place =)

I am really happy with this months progress. I managed to get through with my rotation (finally, it only took two months longer than expected!) and I got another page done on Kriemhild!

The first project I have to show is on Wolf Variant by Bente Schlick. It's one of the two project I was still missing in my rotation this year. So it has been a while since you saw it.
I went from here:
To here:
 I added some 2400 stitches to it, I am still working 100 stitches across and this is 200 stitches down (well started, you see the gap). I am not sure if I will continue to stitch down or move a bit more across. I guess I will decide when I pick this up again ;-)

The next one I was working on is Kreimhilds Revenge. I finished page 27, now there is something apart from sky! Yay for the rocks!
I went from here:
To here:
As you can see, we are getting closer to the actual Kriemhild, soe of her dress should appera on page 28 =) I got a bit more than 2100 stitches done on her . I have about 7000 stitches left to do until I reach the halfway point on her and I think it should not be a problem to reach that goal this year =)

The second project still missing in my rotation was QS Paddys Luck by Joanna Bromley. It has been ages since I was working on this, but it is so pretty and colorful =) Iadded two columns/ 1600 stitches and went from here:
To here:
There was an awful lot of confetti in Paddys hat, but now that it is done, it looks amazing =) Since it has not seen any love for so long, I think about finishing the rest of page 2 as well now =)

This already makes a total of 6100 stitches since my last update and this does not include 2000 stitches I did on my map of middle earth (which I am sharing for the GG SAL at the middle of the month). I really didn't notice that I stitched that much, but it makes me happy ;-)

The last project I worked on is my Mill Hill kit called Hydrangeas. I pick this up from time to time and got quite a bit done.
I went from here:
To here:
It is really nice to stitch and goes rather fast. I am doing all the cross stitch and then I'll add the beads and I think it will be amazing once the beads are in =)

I haven't answered this months question so far. It's about showing our oldest and our newest WIP.
Well, my oldest WIP is really old (I don't really know how old it is, I think from 2010?) and far from being complete. It's a Dimensions kit called Paris Market and you have seen it from time to time. It was on the edge to turning into a UFO, over the last year I picked it up more often and I would rather consider it a WIP than a UFO.
Here is what it currently looks like:
I think my newest WIP is actually the Hydrangeas above, I started them in May. But as soon as this blog post goes up, I will have a new newest WIP :D I am finally going to start my first Gecko Rouge project! I have a couple of their kits by now and I became a member of the Golf club in March, so my first gold voucher is to be done in August! And they have so many more lovely designs!

But I guess you would like to see what my newest-WIP-to-be will look like:
I think this Sloth looks amazing and I feel like working with all those wonderful colors =) So I guess I will stopp here and get my needle into this one =)

Happy stitching =)

Mittwoch, 19. Juli 2017

Gifted Gorgeousness - July

Oh my, the middle of July is already gone! I am very busy with work right now since the end of the semester is in sight and this means that the exams are also in sight, so I spent a lot of time thinking about questions, but I am as good as done! Yay me!

As for stitching, I am (again) four days late for the GG SAL. But better late then never, right?
For all those who don't know about the SAL yet - this SAL is hosted by Jo and the plan is to show our work on projects that are meant to be a gift for someone or that were gifted to you. You can find the link-up (featuring every ones progress) here.

As for progress, I worked on two things this month. Well, you can't really tell that I worked on Santa this month. I added like three threads to him.
And now:
I really hope to be a better girl next month!

But to make up for my tiny progress on Santa, I am proud to show my work on my Map of Middle Earth! You have not seen this in a while and I am pleased to say that I added 2000 stitches to it!
And now:

I missed working on this one and since I think I'll go back to stitching on what I like (instead of trying to following a rotation) , I hope to work on this more regular ;-) 

That's my work for this month,
Happy stitching =)

Dienstag, 27. Juni 2017

WIPocalypse June

I am nearly in time for WIPocalypse. who would have thought that could happen! But here I am :D This wonderful SAL is supposed to inspire us to stitch on our projects as if it's the end of the world (and that new projects, just imagine the world ends and you never started one of your favorite projects???) and is hosted by Measi, you can find the link-up post here. 

This months question is about our stitchy spot. I usually sit on the couch when I stitch, it usually looks quite messy ;-) To the one side I have my floss boxes (currently four, I think I pwn a whole set of DMC by now), my Millennium frame in front of me and to the other side I have my laptop and an ort jar. I also have a pillow in the back, it's just more comfortable for me.

I usually looks like this :D I mostly listen to audiobooks (therefore I need my laptop close by), watch flosstube or TV (which is in front of me). I try to have anything I need close by, so I don't need to get up all the time :D

As for this months progress!
The first thing I worked on is The Potting Shed by Aimee Stewart, such a beautiful and colorful summer design! I got carried away and finished the first page =) I added 2800 stitches to this one and went from here:
To here:
I absolutely love it!! =) I can't wait to get back to this ;-)

The second project for me was again - as every month and you are probably sick of it by now - Kreimhilds Revenge by H D Johnson. I started page 27 and stitches half of it.
Last time:
And now:
You see the dark thing in the corner there? It's a part of the rock and it means that I am done with the sky-only columns on this row ;-) You can't imagine how happy I am about that :D I am at 117 630 stitches or so, so less than 9000 to go to the halfway point (I did some 12 000 so far this year)!
So stay tuned for next month, she will be back again and maybe we see some more of the actual Kreimhild then ;-) I plan to finish page 27 in July.

The third project I worked on was my Mill Hill kit called Hydrangeas, I already talked about it and finally, there is something to see:
My own Hydrangea is in bloom by now, I just love to see them open up and change the color from green to violett to dark blue ;-) I absolutely need more Hydrangea patterns in my live :D

Last but not least I started my first Diamond Painting. I chose "Dragons Keeper" by Renee Biertempfel. It's 525 stitches wide and 339 stitches high, so it's not that big of a design. But since the canves is 10ct, the canvas is huge! I made a start on page 1 and did some 2000 diamonds:
It goes way faster than stitching and it's pretty, but it does not compare to stitching ;-) after working on this for an hour or so, I just feel like doing some actual stitching ;-) But I think the design will look great as a Daimond Painting, just as a reminder, it should look like this:
That's it for this month =)
Happy stitching =)

Samstag, 17. Juni 2017

Gifted Gorgeousness SAL - June

It's June and I am two days late for the GG SAL. But here I am! And here is the link to this months link-up =)
Yesterday I got a new laptop and so I hope to be more active in  blogland (now that I can open Chrome or a mail program at the same time....) in the future.

I don't have much to show this month. I worked on Candy Cane Santa, not much, but we are getting there!
I went from here:
To here:
At this rate, Santa might be done at the end of 2020! I hope I'll speed up (or find a way to slow time down).

Happy stitching =)

Sonntag, 11. Juni 2017

The potting shed - page 1, new start and stash

It has only been a few days since my last post for WIPocalypse and at the end I mentioned that I wanted to pick up the potting shed by Aimee Stewart for a few days and that's exactly what I did ;-)
I just felt like stitching a summer design and Aimees designs are so beautiful and colorful and you all know that I found my love for gardening.

So I took the potting shed out and finished page 1:
It has a lot of confetti, but it is so much fun to stitch! It was not that easy to put this down, but I want to add a few stitches to my Kriemhild (about 3 columns of sky to do!), but I will surely pick this up again before the summer is over ;-)

Another lovely spring design I am working on is a Mill Hill Buttons and Beads kit called "Hydrangea". I love Hydrangeas, they proably are my favorite flowers. I have three by now, one from last year (blue, it's coming into bloom right now) and two I got this year (red and white-pink). I have already spent some time looking for Hydrangea patterns, there are a couple by Dimensions and so I might get some more some time.
This is what my Mill Hill kit will look like one day:
I started stitching the background and this piece is making trouble. It's sort of funny by now...
 First I ended up miscounting, so the piece is not centered, but since I won't run out of space and I plan just to clue this to something for framing, I think it's not that bad.
Second, all my MH kits are stitched with 3 strands, so I just started stitching with 3 strands... But it should be 2. I noticed this when I was already a good deal in, so I decided to continue with 3 strands, I have all the colors in my stash and I just mix the threads so there should not be any dyelot issues.
This, I started stitching on the wrong side of the perforated paper... The correct side is yellow colored, I am stitching on the off-white... Lucky me, I'm doing three instead of two threads, so you won't see the background...
Fourth, I miscounted... I noticed this when I was adding the second yellow color... But I decided to just fix this along the way and it should be fine now....
Anyway, all problems are not that bad, but how unlucky can one be with a single project?
Despite all the trouble, this is what I did so far:
I can start the actual flowers now, yay!

Ok, that's it for stitching my WIPs, here are some new future WIPs!
I bought three Haed charts since the beginning of May. I don't think I showed you the chart I got in the middle of May during the Haed fullprice support thing.
I got "Snow white fog" by Bente Schlick, I requested a color expansion for this one, I just love it and want to be sure that the deer is visible. I requested about 150 colors and the chart now has 126. Fun fact: thanks to the color expansion, the chart now features 4 stitches of white (3866) :D
Then I had to buy two charts during the speed sale. I was really good at resisting, Michele posted that the sale would end some time during the next 24 hours (it was in the afternoon here in Germany) and when I went to the website the next morning, it was still going on and I was like "ok, that's a sign or so". I was so happy stitching the potting shed, I had to pick up another Aimee Stewart design.
I went for the Secret Garden Bookshelf and since I am a mad girl, I went for the Supersized Max color version of this! It just has so many details and I want them as clear a possible! I don't know how I will manage this, I can only fit a Supersized pattern on my Millennium frame if I go for 32ct, but I think with all the confetti it will be hard to push the needle through. For a max color I would probably prefer a 25ct, so my frame is 10 inches to short. One idea is to stitch this sideways (which I haven't tryed before and I imagine to be weird), another one is to stitch this with a Qsnap (I need to see how heavy this is and get a big grime guard to get the fabric out of the way) or get a costum frame, maybe an Omanik frame (they are cheaper and faster than Needle Needs). I will find a way!
The secong pattern I bought is called Aofie by Pat Brennan. I think he is fairly new to the Haed family, but he has a few stunning designs. Aofie was released just a few days ago and I had to get her. I think she has something magical to her and I love the colors, they are really calming. With just under 180k stitches, she is one of my "smaller" designs... I really need to stop buying all those supersize patterns..
Isn't she gorgeous?? If I didn't have sooo many WIPs and new starts already (and not even through my rotation), would start her right away!

But that's it for me now, I hope everyone had a wonderful stitchy weekend!
Happy stitching =)

Sonntag, 4. Juni 2017

WIPocalypse May

And again I am late! Like every month :D This wonderful SAL is hosted by Measi and you can find the link up post here =)
 I did not spent that much time with my stitching this month, the weather improved and I spent a lot of time working in the garden.

This first "WIP" this month was our raised bed:
It is not completely finished, the planks on to still need to be cut, but that will happen next week. I put some strawberrie, some salad, peppers and carrots in. There is still some room left, but I have not decided what to put in there. I have some tomatos, a cucumber and some beeries as well, so I guess I will have plenty of vegetables and fruit throughout the summer ;-)
In front of the raised bed I put some herbs:
We have some lemon balm, basil (three different ones: one with small leaves, a violet one and a "normal" one), some french lavender, mint and parsley.
I also got a few cuttings from my neighbours rosemary and sage and hope to grow some plants from them.

So a lot of time went into this project, so less time for stitching, but I still got a few stitches in!

First up is Danielle by Sarah Butcher. Oh how I love her, all those amazing colors! It's a true summer project! I got two columns in, so 1600 stitches were added:
I went from here:
To here:

I think it's not to far to go until the little bird will appear, I am looking forward to picking this up again soon =)

Then I also spent some time working on Kriemhild and managed to finish another page on her (the second one for this year). I went from here:
To here:
I am bravely making my way through the sky, at least it stitches up very fast. I actually think that this was the last full sky-page, yay me!

The last project I worked on was Eternal Promise by Matt Stewart, I stitched some more trees.
I went from here:
To here:
It doesn't look like a lot of progress, since the trees all look alike, but I added 1600 stitches and I think that's better than nothing.

I also started a new project calles "Hydrangeas" by Mill Hill. There is not much to see, especially since I only stitched light yellow on lite yellow paper :D So I will share a picture next month when there is (hopefully) more to see =)

Due to my rotation I still need to work on Wolf Variant and QS Paddys Luck. But I decided to pick up the potting shed by Aimee Stewart for a week or so because it is really calling to me. Then I will go back to working on the remaining two projects and maybe start my first Gecko Rouge project after that (maybe the Sloth?)

Anyway, as for this months question! It's about designers I would like to try, but I am to intimidated to start them. I suppose I didn't make much progress on that front, it is still Chatelaine. They have beautiful designs with so many lovely special threads and stitches, but since they are fairly expensinve and I never really tried special stitches, I am intimidated (like when it's so expensive, it's even worse if I mess it up).

That's it for this month,
Happy stitching =)